I continue my cocktail adventures with the Negroni cocktail.
Legend has it that the Negroni was invented when Count Negroni asked for gin instead of club soda in his Americano somewhere in Italy circa 1919.

This cocktail was quite a surprise for me.
Being a relative Campari virgin I was not quite prepared for the very, very bitter taste of the Campari. However somewhere in between all the bitterness was a quite nice cocktail but I think that Campari and Negroni is quite an acquired taste that you have to work your way up to.
I have to try it some more times to build up a fondness for the bitter Campari in this cocktail.

Ingredients for one old-fashioned glass:
45 ml Campari
45 ml Gin (I used Plymouth)
45 ml Martini Rosso

How to make it:
Pour the spirits in any order into an ice filled old-fashioned glass. Stir for a bit. Garnish with a quarter of an orange slice.

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